Mrs. Vijeta Mehta

Mrs. Vijeta Mehta : Assistant Teacher

Working under the banner of A.G is always a memorable experience for me. I have overall fifteen years of teaching experience. I have taught ten years in A. G. Church School, Sodepur and now this is the third year in A. G. Church School, Raniganj. Teaching is my passion and I simply enjoy my profession. I love kids and I think there is nothing better than being teacher and molding young lives to have a bright and beautiful future.

Mrs. Edith Money

Mrs. Edith Money : Assistant Teacher

Being a teacher is the highest privilege and working under Ma’am U. Rao (Principal) and Ma’am Poudel (Coordinator) who always nurture and nourish the students and the staff with Ethical and moral values is just a blessing. At times the expectations begin to feel impossible but somewhere down I believe that the students enjoy, smile, make connection, become more confident and feel loved. I am proud to be a part of this huge A. G. Family.

Mr. Abhrodeep Roy

Mr. Abhrodeep Roy : Assistant Teacher

Since 2016, I have been working in a wonderful institute of Knowledge and wisdom. As a consistent and dedicated teacher over here, I have had the most fabulous experience and felt extremely honoured and lucky to serve these little angels with utmost enthusiasm and will always strive to give my best in future.

Miss. Manisha Shrestha

Miss. Manisha Shrestha : Assistant Teacher

I am thankful to God Almighty and our dear Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Rao, for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of A.G. Church School family in Raniganj. A. G. Church School Raniganj has been built with many dreams and aspirations. So, we must work hard towards our goals with patience and perseverance. This is my prayer and I hope that the school will create many landmarks with the glorious light of Education.

Mr. Aim Bahadur Thapa

Mr. Aim Bahadur Thapa : Assistant Teacher

It’s a privilege to be a part of this school since its inception. For me to serve in such a friendly and positive environment is a wonderful experience. As a teacher, I care for my student’s learning and use my full potential to bring out their full potential which leads in effective performance. The school provides best faculty who work together to achieve the goal of providing best education to our students.

Mr. Sekhar Maji

Mr. Sekhar Maji : Assistant Teacher

I have worked in A. G. Church School, Raniganj for three years since its establishment. This school doesn’t just provide manual teaching but moral teachings as well. This school is blessed with the blessings of God’s grace and intelligence all the way. I am glad to be a part of this school.

Mrs. Ramya

Mrs. Ramya : Assistant Teacher

Of all the professions teaching is one where the teacher and the taught are in continuous mode of learning. Having worked in Assembly of God Church School, Raniganj I feel like understanding every child better each day as I progress during my teaching career. The ambience we intend to develop here is one of eclectic learning modes and methodology which teaches and nurtures the children.

Mrs. Lima Mukherjee

Mrs. Lima Mukherjee : Assistant Teacher

As a teaching-learning point, A. G Church Ranignaj encourages to educate as well to get trained which enhances the optimistic attitude in both teachers and the pupil. I have always felt content and glad to learn and gain wisdom through this institution and hope to proceed here forever.

Mrs. Immaculate Mal

Mrs. Immaculate Mal : Assistant Teacher

I feel very happy in the school especially with my students who are just so adorable. I really enjoy teaching and being with them. The school environment is so friendly and positive. May God continue to bless this institution.

Ms. Christina Kachhap

Ms. Christina Kachhap : Assistant Teacher

I am with great pride and honour to be a part of Assembly of God Church School, Raniganj, since 2017. I have really enjoyed my work. Teaching my students and also learning from them in a good environment brought out the best in me. I would like to thank our Principal Ma’am, Mrs. U. Rao, for the help and support that she has been giving us. I would also like to thank our Coordinator, Ma’am Poudel, for her constant guidance. I am proud and grateful that I have been given such kind of experience. Working in A. G. Raniganj family has filled me with immense joy and happiness.

Ms. Mary Kachhap

Ms. Mary Kachhap : Assistant Teacher

Teaching is fun yet responsible experience and this responsible experience become more fun in our school where students learn with great enthusiasm. It’s a blessing to be a part of this school’s faculty who takes great interest in student’s behavior and studies and help them even to grow in moral values.

Ms. Indrani Rakshit

Ms. Indrani Rakshit : Assistant Teacher

The ambience of the school provides for Holistic development of the students. The children entrusted in our care are provided with the best both in terms of education, as well as, the personality development techniques. The fact that I have been a student under the very identical banner of Assembly of God Church School provides for a driving force for me to work harder and devote myself completely towards the betterment of the school. I just hope to seem my Alma Mater reaching the highest rungs of the ladder of success in the very near future.

Mr. Bikash Gupta

Mr. Bikash Gupta : Assistant Teacher

It is a great privilege to work in A. G. Church School Raniganj and to witness a great development since its inception. I love the positive environment of the school where one can grow along with the institution.

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